Holiday Food Drive

2020 Holiday Food Drive

To better serve the multiple communities players reside in, we are working three community food pantries for our 2020 Holiday Food Drive. We're asking all players and families attending the Winter College Showcase to consider donating non-perishable food items to those who need it most this holiday season!

Below is a list of the food we are looking for:

  • Peanut Butter (Plastic Bottles)
  • Jelly (Plastic Bottles)
  • Cereal (Small Boxes)
  • Heat & Eat Meals
  • Easy Macaroni & Cheese
  • Granola Bars
  • Pretzels/Goldfish (Small Bags)
  • Pudding Cups
  • Peaches/Pears (Canned)
  • Canned Soup or Stew
  • Green Beans (Canned)
  • Corn or Carrots (Canned)
  • Fruit Snacks/Fruit Roll Ups

Below is some information on the organizations we are working with.


Since 1965, South Shore Community Action Council has provided a range of critical services to low-income individuals and families on the South Shore of Massachusetts. SSCAC works to eliminate poverty along the South Shore by providing low-income people with opportunities and supports for education, training, and work. SSCAC’s Food Resources Program operates SSCAC’s Food Distribution Center with the goal of getting more nutritious food to more hungry people in the most cost-effective way through coordinated food pick-up, transport, storage and distribution. In 2014, nearly 600,000 pounds of food were distributed throughout Plymouth County. For more information, visit



The Greater Fall River Community Food Pantry is a cooperative voluntary effort of representatives of local health and human service organizations, houses of worship, and other concerned citizens who come together to provide food. These volunteers do this to assist their neighbors who are having difficulty stretching their food dollars to meet their needs during the month. GFRCFP was established in September 1991 and is the primary food pantry for the Greater Fall River area. They are a volunteer group of concerned citizens whose mission is to help provide food to neighbors in need. They provide fresh meats, fresh produce and non-perishable staples to our clients each month. They distribute 850,000 pounds of food to our clients each year and serve 10,000 households and 37,000 individuals each year. For more information, visit



Community Kitchens of Northeastern Connecticut is a non-profit volunteer-powered organization. For the past 37 years we have been serving the residents of Windham County with a nutritious noontime meal at one of five locations every weekday throughout the year. We receive grants and commodities from government programs such as FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Program), CTNAP (State Nutritional Assistance Program), and TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program), some of which are administered through the Connecticut Food Bank. Without the support of local churches, towns, businesses, civic organizations, and caring individuals like you we could not feed over 13,000 people a year. We are enormously grateful for the funds, food, time, space, and compassion of those who collaborate with us in addressing food insecurity in our region. For more information, visit